Why Work With Us

Reinventing Your Leadership is the place to discover your WHY in the age of AI and connect it with an authentic Marketplace Mission

Uniquely Human Approach
Our Uniquely Human approach deals with the fundamental question of - what can humans can do that machines can't? The answer lies in discovering your unique human purpose that differentiates you not just from robots but also your competitors. In fact, by helping you plug into your WHY, you will be able to collaborate with others to solve bigger problems. Innovation is the future of work and offers the opportunity for talent development.
What's Your USP?
Our Chief Talent Officer, founder of Reinventing Your Leadership, Dazzling Chong is passionate about uncovering your USP or what she calls Unique Super Power. If you're looking for an authentic solution to empower individuals to be future ready, we have the answer using a dual-pronged approach. In addition to the training programmes, we ensure implementation and development with personal coaching so as to create a deeper impact.
Our Key offerings
'Reinventing You' and 'Breaking the Code of You' are our signature programmes based on the premise that your leadership lies in the problem you were born to solve. Millennials can learn to harness their unique strengths and gifts to innovate in the workplace - without necessarily being a manager. Our topics include Leadership Training, Millennial Talent Engagement & Retention. Personality Profiling, Purpose Discovery, Personal & Professional Coaching.

This half day to one day course introduces Personality Type and its application to developing new strategies for effective communication.

Effective Communication and Teamwork

In teams we work together, attempting to maximise each other’s special talents, thereby minimising gaps and skills. Applying the knowledge of personality typing will allow team members to discover different communication patterns as well as that of the team, thus promoting efficiency and harmony for higher quality of work. MBTI is a framework to help members understand firstly, behavioural motivation driven by different values, secondly, different strengths and weakness, thirdly, the unique communication styles and last but not least, team dynamics.  

This one-day course will help high potential leaders and
millennials to find their Purpose and tap into their core of excellence for
greater impact. 

Leadership and Problem-Solving

Purpose glues a team to collaborate and grow together. Everyone is a leader in his own right and can tap on the power of his WHY. You are a leader. This workshop challenges the conventional idea of leadership as being defined by a title. By empowering millennials to see themselves as leaders and not merely as aspiring managers, they will be able to take greater initiative to create, connect and commit. Breaking the Code of You will help participants find their WHY by knowing WHO they truly are. Using a 3 Step Purpose Roadmap, your millennials and managers will change their leadership mindset as they chart their path with clarity, certainty and conviction.

This one-day course will help potential intrapreneurs understand
their unique thinking style and apply it to design thinking for innovation at
the workplace. 

Innovation and Leading Change

Through Reinventing You, participants will be
able to see their thinking patterns and how to tap into their cognitive excellence for better problem-solving and innovative outcomes. Through this radical experience, By addressing the respective strengths of each Thinking Attribute, you will get the ‘aha’ moment on how you have been designed to think in a certain way to solve a specific challenge in the evolving landscape and humanity. Instead of merely managing change, managers will learn how to bring disruptive leadership to the marketplace. The ultimate goal is to empower leaders to navigate a global change transition and harness AI for innovation.

This one-day course will help managers to relate better to their millennials to empower and coach them for team success.

Coaching Skills for Managers

There is no cookie cutter approach when it comes to mentoring employees. Millennials have different aspirations, struggles and strengths. How can one engage his team for better results while playing a part in their personal and professional development? The answer lies in learning to harness your innate leadership style to engage every team member according to his personality type. Whether he is a Realist, Relator, Advocate or Analyst, the millennial will approach communication, change, conflict, decision-making, problem-solving and teamwork differently. Building a bridge to reach your team individually and collectively will enable you to connect with them every single time.