About Us


Dazzling Chong, founder of Reinventing Your leadership and Chief Talent Officer of Great at You is a Talent Futurist passionate about unique human development. As a Purpose Coach, she helps individuals and companies to reinvent themselves with their WHY. 


Her second book will, hence, share inspiring stories of Talent Leaders bringing transformation to the workplace. ‘Reinventing Your Leadership: Find Your WHY in the Age of AI’ gives leaders a road map to help teams anchor in their authentic Purpose as they chart a path of innovation and collaborative growth to solve
bigger problems for the world. 


Also certified in MBTI, Dazzling’s forte lies in helping individuals discover the problem they were born to solve through a unique mechanism she created called ‘Breaking the Code of You’.  Join her in the mission of sharing your stories of purposeful leadership and inspiring reinvention at the marketplace.

Our Mission

With the advent of new technology driving change and innovation, organisations are confronted with a new challenges: How can we engage and retain talent while redesigning a meaningful employee experience?


Uniquely Human Skills will grow in importance as the workplace becomes more technology driven. The disconnect between teams and self are likely to emerge in an amplified manner over the next few years, leading to burnout or higher attrition rates. Yet, the possibilities are limitless – if you can help your employees tap into their core and the power of their purpose.


It starts with redefining your WHY. 


Reinventing Your Leadership is a place for Talent Leaders, as well as, leaders in the marketplace to share their insights and discoveries on their reinvention journey. 


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